Code of Ethics:

The International Kempo Federation respects and follows the Bushido Code and IOC Ethics Code.

1.   Dignity: respect for human dignity is fundamental to the Olympic spirit and IKF.

2.   Respect: respect everybody, elevate your temper, be peaceful, modest and polite.

3.   Fair-play: always playing without cheating or trying to achieve unjust advantage.

4.   Friendship: promoting harmony and understanding between all IKF members.

5.   Discipline: maintain the discipline and good behaviour inside of all IKF events.

6.   Excellence: the aim is not just to win, but above all to improve, to give and to do your best.

7.   Anti-Doping: all forms of doping is absolutely prohibited, in compliance with WADA rules.

8.   Discrimination: there will be no discrimination of any kind between IKF members.

9.   Confidentiality: the principle of confidentiality must be strictly respected by the IKF members.

10. Olympic Values: IKF respects and follows all IOC Olympic sport values and education.