IAKS: International Association for Sports and Leisure Facilities

(IAKS, from the original German name Internationaler Arbeitskreis Sportstättenbau)

IAKS is a non-profit organization dedicated to sports buildings and recreation centers.

The IAKS was founded in Cologne in 1965. It is the only non-profit organization involved in the development of sports facilities worldwide and has therefore been awarded Recognized Organization status by the International Olympic Committee (IOC).


The IAKS collaborates not only with the IOC, but also with the International Paralympic Committee (IPC), SportAccord, the International Council for Sports Science and Physical Education (ICSSPE) and the International Union of Architects (UIA), Sports and Leisure Program.

It also liaises with international sports federations and national Olympic Committees.

The task of the IAKS is to create a platform for the design, construction, equipment, modernization, financing and management of sports and leisure facilities and to participate in the setting of standards and guidelines in Europe.

The members and partners of the IAKS are architects, engineers, companies and industrial associations, sports organizations, ministries of sports, education and construction, local government and universities and other educational institutions.

A specific goal of the IAKS is to encourage sport on a broad scale by collecting, evaluating, transmitting and, as necessary, coordinating the experience, principles and research results obtained through the design, construction, equipment and operation of sport – and leisure facilities of all kinds. In doing so, it takes into account social factors in the broadest sense, e.g. architecture, technology, sports science, economics and ecology. It also supports progress in this area with research and consultation.

For more info: http://iaks.sports